What is the Accelerated Luxury Sales and Marketing Program™?

Our exclusive Accelerated Luxury Sales and Marketing Program™ (ALSMP™) is ideal for selling one-of-a-kind, incomparable luxury properties. Every market has a threshold above which fine homes are more difficult to value, and the typical strategy of price reductions, prolonged advertising and PR exposure can hurt more than help the outcome of an eventual sale. When it comes to selling multi-million dollar homes and estates, price often has no bearing on interest level, and price reductions are both costly and ineffective. Deadline-driven marketing campaigns have proven to be the most efficient manner to move high-end properties.

Here are some highlights of ALSMP™:

  • 60-Day Accelerated Sales Solution, from start to close of escrow
  • Property is sold for the best Fair Market Value
  • Database of 680,000+ high-net-worth individuals, advisors and agents
  • Database of 350 ultra-high-net-worth billionaires
  • International and domestic exposure with targeted marketing
  • International and domestic PR and sales promotion campaign
  • Proof of Funds and Escrow Deposit are required – NO financing contingencies
  • All Buyers are qualified and vetted upfront – NO purchase contingencies
  • All Buyer due diligence is done upfront – NO inspection contingencies
  • Property is strictly sold “As Is” and “Where Is” – NO repair contingencies
  • Marketing expenses are paid by us and our marketing partner – NO upfront costs to Seller
  • We will list the property for sale – NO upfront engagement fees
  • FREE Confidential Consultation – NO cost or obligation*
  • FREE Property Value Analysis – NO cost or obligation*

For more information or FREE Confidential Consultation* and FREE Property Value Analysis*, please send an inquiry or contact directly: Robert Dudek at 1.888.994.4BLU(258), direct: 619-541-8853, email: info@tbsreg.com .

*Limited time offer, subject to availability. Each property is evaluated on its own individual merits. All proposals are issued in writing at no cost or obligation. Principals only please.