FREE Webinar: How To Reduce The Risk of Your Retirement Portfolio Exhaustion

By Robert W. Dudek, MSEL

SAN DIEGO, CA –  Like everybody else, I have been watching with great dismay how my 401K retirement portfolio value is dropping reflecting the current stock market correction (a bear market?).  I’m not at the retirement age yet, so I don’t draw on my retirement assets, but a lot of our retired Clients do.

Since their portfolio values have depreciated, they risk a premature “portfolio exhaustion” during their retirement years. A ground breaking and newly published study in the Journal of Financial Planning demonstrates how a simple withdrawal strategy can reduce this risk by up to 10 times for Mass Affluent retirees.

This strategy will be presented in an educational webinar hosted by Phil Walker, a Co-Author of “To Reduce the Risk of Retirement Portfolio Exhaustion, Include Home Equity as a Non-Correlated Asset in the Portfolio” and author of “The Boomer Effect.” CFP participants will be eligible for 2 CE credits.

I’d like to invite you to this webinar and it will be absolutely FREE to you. There will be nothing for you to buy, subscribe, etc.- it’s simply a discussion about a solid and relevant retirement strategy, which all top-notch financial planners, tax advisors, attorneys, and CPA’s should be aware of.

The online webinar will take place this coming Thursday, July 7 at 11:00am PDT. If you are interested, please register here. This is a short notice, but I promise, it will be worth your time to attend.