ELM Webinar with Ken Blanchard: 5 Strategies for Leading Through The Uncertainty

Stop the domino effect

SAN DIEGO, CA – On Thursday, April 2, from 11am – 12pm the Executive Leadership Mastermind Group (ELM) will host a virtual meeting with featured presentation: Five Strategies for Leading Through The Uncertainty Of COVID-19 by the be best-selling author Dr. Ken Blanchard.

The COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be a testing ground for leaders around the world. Leadership is always important, but especially during times of crisis. When each day brings new challenges, the choices leaders make can have a tremendous impact on outcomes, positive or negative.

It is normal for people to lose focus during a crisis; uncertainty tends to undermine people’s motivation and morale. The leader’s job is to remind people of the long-term vision; to give them hope and the promise of a better—or at least back-to-normal—tomorrow.

During his talk, Dr. Blanchard will review five stages of concern people have during periods of change and leadership strategies to effectively address them. The presentation will be followed by an Executive Leadership Mastermind discussion.

COST: Free
DATE: Thursday, April 2, 2020, 11am-12pm PST
LOCATION: Virtual meeting, URL will be provided
RSVP*: www.meetup.com/ELMgroup/

*In order to RSVP you must be ELM Member. To apply for a FREE Membership, go to: www.meetup.com/ELMgroup/ 

The event is sponsored by: The Ken Blanchard Companies www.kenblanchard.com , The Blu Summit Real Estate Group www.BluSummit.com

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