Executive Leadership Mastermind (ELM) Breakfast: Leadership by Walking Around


MBWAAn upcoming Executive Leadership Mastermind (ELM) Group’s breakfast meeting will be held at the Ken Blanchard Companies on Thursday, March 23rd at 7:00am. A distinguished fellow ELM Member, Carl Mills will be giving a presentation on his Leadership learnings from walking around at Kentucky Fried Chicken (the art of the sell), in the US Navy and with DoD Industry.

Carl will focus his talk on understanding employee and client’s needs, reactions, motivators, and mission. The key being that leaders should stop worrying about whether employees excel at their jobs, before making sure that they actually do their job.

To register go to ELM’s website: www.meetup.com/ELMgroup/.  If you are not an ELM Member, apply at www.meetup.com/ELMgroup/.

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